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Brazil is a notoriously famous country in the world for its football tradition. Being the largest South American country, Brazil is a home of diversity. The Amazon rain forest also puts Brazil on the global map in addition to other famous landmarks like Iguacu Falls. As such, there is a lot that tourists can do and see in Brazil. Even though it is a country known to be affected by social problems resulting from unequal distribution of income, Brazilians are extremely festive, happy and very hospitable. It has a diverse, rich culture resulting from its history, varied geography and people. Music is an integral component of Brazilian identity with genuine styles such as choro, bossa and samba.


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Being such a large country, Brazil has varied climate zones where wet and dry climate features in its northern parts and Sao Paulo has spring/ winter and summer/ fall seasons. There are 13 national holidays in Brazil and include the New Year, Good Friday, Labor day, Christmas and others that are specific to the nation.


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Brazilian cities are quite exciting and place worthy a visit including coastal hideouts, colonial towns and the lively metropolitan. As such, Brazil has prominent touristic destinations starting with Brasilia which is the capital city that boasts to be an architectural spot.


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The Florianopolis is an island located in Atlantic Ocean with lagoons, lakes, natural beaches and is therefore a major destination during summer months. Fortaleza is yet another big city popular for its beautiful beaches and famed for comedians and music. The richest and largest city in the country is Sao Paulo which is largely influenced by diverse cultures. Other notable cities are Salvador, Rio de Janeiro and Recife.


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The Amazon forest, simply known as Amazonia is an amazing place to visit for tourists enthusiastic about wildlife and would enjoy jungle tours. Brazil is home to some of the natural wonders of the world. The Amazon forest sits on one billion acre land in the northern parts of Brazil and houses 2500 million species of insects, 40000 species of plants, 2200 species of fish and thousands of species for mammals and birds.


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The Atlantic forest, Pantanal and the world famous Iguacu water fall are all located in Brazil. Most of the cities still feature colonial architecture with colonial monasteries, churches, barracks and forts remaining intact even today. Oscar Niemeyer works is a famous Brazil architect behind some of the notable architectural structures in the country.


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Gay travel has become a popular activity in Brazil of late as the country largely tolerates and accepts gay marriages. Carnival is the biggest world party and is held in Brazil, lasting for one week in the month of February. Brazilian coast features beautiful, natural sandy beaches and a key aspect of Brazilian culture comprises of beach lifestyle. Rio de Janeiro has some of the best beaches in the county such as Copacabana and Ipanema. Besides soccer, the other notable sport in the country is volleyball. If you plan to visit the country, you should be careful as Brazil has one of the highest crime rates in the country.



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