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Washington D.C., USA

Washington D.C. hosts several unique government buildings, international offices, monuments, museums, embassies, and the list is endless. To learn more about the United States of America, visit its capital, Washington D.C. Tourism is at its peak during the summer and autumn seasons, with high humidity. Washington D.C. is the centre of all the affairs of the whole federation of the United States of America. Thus, Washington D.C. is a self-governed district that is not under the control of any state since it is the capital of the U.S. Washington D.C. has existed as the capital for many centuries since its formation in 1790 though the Residence Act of the United States Constitution.


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When entering Washington D.C., you can choose whether you will take a train ride, a drive along the highways from nearby cities, or a flight to the airports within the district. MARC, VRE, and Metrorail trains frequently provide transport between Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. Union Station is the stop for buses that connect most cities in the U.S. with Washington D.C. If your plan is to fly, you can choose any of the three airports to be your destination.


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The airports are located in the nearby states of Maryland and Virginia but very close to Washington D.C. These are the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Virginia, Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia, and the Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport in Maryland.


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Washington D.C. is home to excellent tourist accommodation facilities. Many international hotel chains are within the city. The types of facilities available in Washington D.C. are hotels, motels, rental apartments, and bread-and-breakfast options. Examples of hotels you can check in for accommodation are Baron Hotel that is close to the Washington monument, the luxurious Willard Intercontinental Washington with spa and limo service, and the Georgetown Suites located in the historic town of Georgetown. There are also numerous apartments you can select from, such as the All City-Gallery Place Apartments, Dupont Circle Studios, and Smith Lawson Apartment. The apartments and hotels are all high quality, comfortable and with additional luxury like swimming pools and fitness centre.


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Washington D.C. has many restaurants and hotels offering advanced western desserts. However, the eateries serve small amounts of food, but you will be delighted by the unique servings and tastes of the dishes. Some of restaurants feature bar facilities and nightclubs. You can also come across restaurants offering foreign cuisines including the passionate Italian dishes that are commonly served for dinner and honeymoon. If you are looking for a place specifically for nightclubbing with plenty of drinks on offer, then the 9:30 Club, Blues Array, Black Cat, and the Bohemian Caverns are the options located at the North West region of Washington D.C.


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Some of the attractions to visit in Washington D.C. include the memorial grounds, museums, and nature parks. The National Mall is a memorable place given its huge size and its importance to the leaderships of U.S.A. and being a stage for concerts and festivals. Other popular destinations are Washington Monument, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, museums, and historic sites such as the National Museum of the American Indian for history of the Native American communities that used to exist in the North American continent.

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