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Bora Bora – What is Interesting There ?

Today, as with the rest of the Polynesian islands, Bora Bora is almost solely dependent on its tourism. It therefore offers a wide variety of attractions that will make your Bora Bora stay truly unforgettable. Don’t worry about language barrier as the influx of American tourists have made the locals develop some command of the English language. Below is a summary of places you must not miss when visiting the island.

3-Hour Island Grand Tour

This is definitely the best way to start your Bora Bora tour. And what makes this three-hour fully-guided tour more enjoyable is the 4×4 Range Rover ride throughout the island. The tour’s drivers and guides are locals that have deep knowledge of the island’s culture and history. The scenic drive is often accompanied by their wonderful stories of traditional Polynesian life, In this tour, you’ll also be able to take a glimpse of some historic World War II sites and ancient stone temples.
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Marae Temples

Speaking of ancient temples, these marae temples have long ago been used by the Polynesians for their cultural and religious ceremonies. Today, there are still around 40 stone temples left in Bora Bora for tourists to explore.


For water lovers, this is definitely one of the most visited spots in Bora Bora. This turquoise-colored lagoon is a huge aquarium home to a diverse marine life that includes tropical fishes, turtles, sharks, and rays. In this lagoon, tourists are allowed to explore the marine life through the use of snorkeling gears and guided of course by the locals that are specifically trained for this adventure. These guides will show you how to properly feed and touch the marine life below. The tour runs all throughout the day.
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Polynesian Dance

Whether strolling by the beach of having dinner at one of the luxury resorts, you’ll surely come across a group of locals doing some traditional Polynesian dance. Enjoy watching the cultural show or better yet, join them and pride yourself of being able to learn a traditional folk dance.

Moana Jet Ski

This activity is facilitated by a licensed jet ski instructor and anyone thirteen years old and above can drive it. Discover the natural beauty of the turquoise lagoon through this 2-hour jet ski ride. You’ll definitely want to come back to Bora Bora after this experience.
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Matira Beach

Of course, your stay in Bora Bora will never be complete without some beach bumming. Visit the island’s most famous beach located at the southern tip – Matira Beach. Stroll along the gorgeous white sand beach and walk the trail that leads to a World War II site. During low tide, you can also walk through the reefs while on high tide, grab your snorkeling gears and explore the marine life below. Other common water activities in the area include kayaking and canoeing.
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Other popular activities that you can do in Bora Bora are coral lagoon watching, hiking in Mount Otemanu, riding the Tahiti helicopters to see the island on a different perspective, and diving at Leopard Rays Trench.



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