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Bora Bora – Things to do in Bora Bora

If you are an adventurous water-enthusiast, then you are bound to have an amazing and unforgettable experience in Bora Bora. Those who want a serene vacation can stay at family villas far from the mainland but if you’re an adventure buff, then you shouldn’t miss the activities listed here.


This is the most common water activity in Bora Bora and its majestic lagoon provides tourists just the perfect venue to enjoy what nature has to offer. What’s good about this activity is that you don’t even have to be a swimmer to enjoy it – life vests and snorkelling gears are readily available at your request.

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Surfing in Bora Bora is a pretty challenging activity only for the brave of heart as this involves welcoming the waves coming from the open ocean. But it’s possible, and according to locals’ and tourists’ testimonials, it’s an amazing peat once you have done it. Swimming from the shore to the open ocean is quite tedious so boat rides take tourists to nearby islets where they can paddle from there to catch the waves.

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If you’re not afraid of heights and craving to have a picturesque view of the island, then parasailing is a must-do. This experience takes about ten to fifteen minutes and takes you about 600 feet above the water. Just hang on to the wide deck of the towboat where you will be taking off once it reaches the required speed. Enjoy the breathtaking views that will surely be etched in your memory forever.

Wind Surfing

This activity used to be very popular in the island. Today however, only a few hotels offer windsurfing equipment. Some of these hotels include Sofitel, The Maitai, and The Moana Beach Parkroyal. Nevertheless, it’s still something worth exploring.

Deep Sea Fishing

Take yourself off the coast of Bora Bora and partake in a deep sea fishing activity. Being surrounded by the enormous Pacific Ocean, the French Polynesian islands have a very rich marine life. Outside the Bora Bora lagoon, you can find several species of fishes such as giant tuna, blue marlin, and swordfish among others. Several resorts offer deep sea charters that can take you out in the ocean to enjoy a nice round of sports fishing.

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Scuba Diving

If snorkelling is not enough for you to discover the diverse marine life that the lagoons in Bora Bora have to offer, then scuba diving is the next best thing to do. Almost every hotel and resort in the island offers this as one of their main activities. No need to worry about equipment as they can provide everything you need to explore and enjoy the vast marine life below.

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After a tiring day of water activities, take a minute to relax in the shorelines as you await the sunset while watching locals do a traditional Polynesian dance. With the various water activities Bora Bora has to offer, expect to get you wet and immersed with lots of unforgettable memories to cherish.

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