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Top tips for Ski Holidays

Skiing holidays can be one of the most exhilarating experiences in life! Whether you enjoy gently skiing the green slopes, a nice long lunch and the scenery, or you enjoy spending your time ripping the powder and shredding the park, the beautiful mountains and fresh air of the ski resorts are unbeatable! However anyone who has ever organised a ski holiday knows that it isn’t cheap! Here are some tips to help you make the most of your ski holiday.

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The best time of year to go

For the best deals avoid the crowds in the school holidays and book for January or March. Prices are almost double at peak times like New Year and February half term, and Easter is also expensive. The cheapest times are either before Christmas or after Easter but you have to be prepared to take a chance on the snow!

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The essential clothing

If you haven’t skied or don’t have your own gear hiring skis, boards, and boots in resort is easy and you can always change them if they are uncomfortable. For clothing, either borrow from friends or check out summer sales to get great deals on Jackets and Trousers for the slopes. Warm water proof gore-tex gloves, ski socks, a hat and goggles are all must haves! It’s best to pack with lots of thinner layers for warmth rather than one thick one so you can always take a layer off if the sun comes out at the top of mountain!

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Keeping safe

To get the most out of your ski holiday its best to make sure you get in a bit of exercise before you go, either by joining a gym or doing your own pre-ski exercises at home. One of the best exercises is to press your back flat against the wall, and holding the position with your legs bent at 90 degrees (“bend ze knees!”), see how long you can stay there. Alternatively, go on some hilly walks, take the stairs rather than the lift or cycle/power walk to work. You can also take a course of lessons on a dry ski slope to get you totally prepared for your trip!

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Helmets are a vital safety measure for children and are becoming more and more popular among adults. A high factor sun lotion is also a must have along with a lip balm with SPF.



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