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Places to go in Vienna

Vienna is a large city in Austria with many places to walk around and visit. The city is modernized with all types of amenities available all around the city. Vienna has large shopping centers, amusement parks, historic sites and nature parks preserved for the tourism sector. It is a city with rich cultural and historical heritage that should be visited. The range of tourist attractions in Vienna is huge. This is the reason why this city is visited by millions of tourists every year.

Schonbrunn is a historic place. It has proven to be the preservation of Austrian culture and history. There is a big ancient palace called the Schonbrunn Palace and many monuments that tell the important history of Austria. Its park is beautifully parked with healthy grass, flower plants and symbolic, admirable statues. Within the park is a zoo with many wild animals to be seen.There is a large range of things to do in Vienna.


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Enjoy the fun and amusements in the Prater Park. This large park has drawn many tourists and kids to it. It has merry-go rounds, a fancy railway, scare trains and lengthy slides to get busy with the fun. The park has dining facilities like fine restaurants, fast food joints and bars to quench the hunger and thirst while enjoying the many fun activities of this park.

Saint Stephen has been a tourist site for many decades. It is a place of one of the oldest cathedrals in Austria. Saint Stephen is home to the Saint Stephen Cathedral that was established more than eight centuries ago. Currently, Saint Stephen hosts many national events and is a major landmark in Vienna City. The architecture of the cathedral; is a unique touch of ancient Romanic and Gothic styles that take visitors back to the period of ancient building designs of the past.

Image Source: flickr.com

Image Source: flickr.com

Belvedere has several attractions in one place. There is a colorful garden park, monuments, historic sites and a gallery. Old structures dating back to the eighteenth century can be seen in this place still standing and their initial states well preserved by the Austrian government. The paintings and sculptures found in the park are impressive and they were collected from the historic to the current era.

At the middle of Vienna City is a unique sanctuary to be visited by anyone touring the city. This is the Butterfly House that nurtures numerous species of butterflies such that the sanctuary is a heaven-like paradise that welcomes you with all possible that can exist in this earth planet. This butterfly park can be accessed some meters from the Opera house.

The Opera house is a must to visit. It is at the center of Vienna City. The Opera house stuns visitors with its amazing unique architectural design both from the outside and the inside. The Opera has a rich history in hosting ballet and many other artistic performances by local talented Austrians. The Kunsthistoriche Museum is exhibits many historic paintings by legendary artists like Tiepolo, Titian, Fetti and Raffael.

Image Source: wikipedia.org

Image Source: wikipedia.org

Hofburgtheatre is the location for Austria’s national theater. This theater is a major movie attraction in Vienna with hundreds of guests paying into the theater to watch its interesting movies. The shopping malls in Vienna have many trendy high quality items that can be bought. There are delicious smelling restaurants and hotels, fine-looking bars and splendid night clubs at the city centre.



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