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Things to do on a vacation in French Polynesia

French Polynesia is a dream vacation and you have to know how you are going to spend your time to have a fantastic holiday. This is one of the most beautiful place in the world and offers so many activities. If you spend a holiday there you should be active all the time to see all the attractions of French Polynesia. If you travel to French Polynesia the you should check out the list of things to.


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1. Snorkeling

This is probably the best thing you can do on your holiday in French Polynesia. Do to the fact that this well known travel destination has many lagoons and shallow waters,snorkeling can be the best activity you had in French Polynesia.Spending hours in the shallow turquoise water,exploring the underwater paradise of exotic fish,corals,sharks and manta rays can be one in a life time experience.You don’t need any special equipment and you have professional snorkelers who can guide you and show you the best places in the lagoons.



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2. Scuba Diving

Along with snorkeling,scuba diving is probably the best activity you can do when in French Polynesia.The problem is its not so easy as snorkeling.You need to get a certificate before you can enter any dive sites.On the other hand its not that cheap.If you are a beginner scuba diver,you need to spend some time in the shallow lagoons of French Polynesia to get some experience.As a beginner you can’t expect something fancier then the lagoons.On the other hand if you are experienced scuba diver then you definitely know why people from around the world visit this place.French Polynesia can offer the best ocean drop-offs and passes and that’s all what you have scuba diving fans waited for.


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scubadiving in french polynesia

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3. Surfing and Windsurfing

This is one of the favorite sports in the dream holiday destinations like French Polynesia.When you travel to any exotic place in the pacific you have to try this sport.If you want to get an adrenalin rush,surfing is the best thing for the job.Windsurfing is another sport that it gets popular in French Polynesia.Its very similar to surfing and its a lot fun.The only thing is it needs a lot wind to generate movement force.


4. Kayak in the lagoons

This is a really good thing to do in French Polynesia.It gives you the opportunity to explore the lagoon and the island landscapes ( depending on which island you are spending your vacation ). A combination of sport activity and fun in the sun.


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5. Water Skiing

Raise your adrenaline level with some water skiing. It can be a lot of fun.This is one of the favorite things to do to travellers that are looking for fun and adrenaline. You will see water skiers all over. It is affordable and amazing so you should not miss trying it at least.

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6. Fishing and Spear fishing

This is probably the most passionate sport among men. French Polynesia offers you to battle some fine ocean monsters that you would definitely love to have in your collection.Spear fishing is more of the traditional type but it is a lot of fun.


7. Visit Botanical Gardens

Botanical gardens can offer really good attraction because they hold collections of all plants and flowers in French Polynesia.This kind of exotic specimens can’t be seen any day so it is vise to spend some time on this attraction to.


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8. Tattoo

For many people its just tattoo.For the people of French Polynesia is a state of art that represents personal hierarchy,rank,social status.That’s why their tattoos are so special.This is not something you must do.It more of a personal choice.But it is a unique experience and believe me, you will remember it for your whole life.

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9. Whale-Watching and Dolphin Expedition

Watching these magnificent creatures is one of a kind travel experience in French Polynesia.All do this activity can be visited in a lot of travel holiday places i suggest you don’t miss it in French Polynesia.

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10. Cruise on a Catamaran

This is also one of a kind experience that can be offered in French Polynesia.This cruise for couple of days or weeks can make you enjoy and relax in the sun like never before.The bad part is an ain’t coming cheap,but if you can do afford it,its worth it every penny.


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There are hundreds more things you can do in French Polynesia that we haven’t mention. You should visit many places in French Polynesia to complete all of those things in the list, so it will be an active holiday. I would say for start,try to complete these 10. Best Of luck in completing this quest.



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