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Things to do while on a vacation in Hawaii

Things to do while on a vacation in Hawaii

As one of the greatest travel destinations in the world, Hawaii is offering various of different things to do while on a vacation there. There are plenty of things attractive for travellers, so we at Travel Guru will try to present some of them, so you can have a better idea of what is waiting for you while planning your Hawaii vacation. Hawaii has served as one of the best holiday destinations for most of the international tourists who are ready to adventure the world. Hawaii can be seen on the map as an archipelago of more than ten islands floating in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean.

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Wai'alae Beach Park, Island of Oahu, Hawaii

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Watch the Sunrise at Haleakala

One of the most interesting attractions for travelers that goes to Hawaii is the massive shield volcano known as Haleakala. This is one of the most visited places in the region of Maui, mostly because it is easily accessible and because it become some sort of a ritual for young people to climb the 10 000 feet before dawn and enjoy the fabulous view when the sun is coming up.

hawaii-most popular destination in world

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Go to a Zoo in a Rainforest

If you go to the Big Island in Hawaii you should not miss the Zoo in the rainforest which owns some of the most rear animals in the world. It is a perfect place made in perfect combination with the natural beauty of the island. Since this is the only tropical rainforest zoo in the USA, it is one of the only place there where you will be able to see animals, birds and insects which are native only for the Hawaiian region. You will be able to see many other rare animals such as the Bengal tiger which is one of the most popular attraction in the Zoo.

Hilton-Hawaiian-Village hawaii

Diving in Hawaii’s waters

Hawaii is one of the greatest destination for travelers that are searching for diving places. Here in Hawaii you will be able to experience some of the greatest diving opportunities. One of the most attractive place for scuba divers is the world’s largest active volcano called Mauna Loa. This is a place where divers can dive around flooded caves, amazing canyons, coral reefs and astonishing cliffs. Other place which is very attractive for scuba divers in Hawaii is the Kohala Coast. With all the lava formations, there are many flooded walls and lava tubes that will make the diving unforgettable.


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If you are willing to go to scuba diving in Hawaii, just ask for some local dive company for guided courses or if you are new in diving, there are many shops that offer training courses for divers for affordable prices. If you have enough time, you can take advanced courses for diving here in Hawaii and become professional diver with certificate honored around the world.

the mokulua islands off lanikai beach, oahu


Explore the deep Hawaiian waters in a submarine

Underwater life in Hawaii is something this island is very proud of. While most of the tourists going there are exploring the deep water while diving, there are other options that are also very popular among travellers in Hawaii. The specialized submarines are a great way to see what is deep underwater without getting wet. It is a great way to see the most of the underwater beauty in the Hawaiian waters. There are many company offering underwater tours, so you can just pick one go underwater to depths of over 150 feet and take a look at some of the most vivid sea life in the Pacific.


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Go Hiking in Maui

Hawaii is not only beautiful sandy beaches and vivid underwater life. There is much more. The natural beauty deep in the island is something this island is proud of. Travellers that love the natural beauty have numerous of options here in Hawaii. Those who like hiking will not be disappointed. Maui is the right place to go if you want to hike. There are amazing landscapes that will make you feel relaxed and you will be able to see birds, different vegetation, trees, flowers, beautiful waterfalls and many other natural beauty. If you are not ready to go alone in the unknown, there are lots of travel guides that will help you see the most of this unforgettable place.


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Hawaii-perfect wedding destination

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